System Freezing During Boot

Hey y’all hope everyone is doing well. I’m a noob so bare with me.

When trying to boot my laptop into Manjaro, it often freezes after the screen turns black. This happens right after selecting Manjaro in the menu where I can select which OS to boot into (I think it’s called the grub menu). The cursor will blink a couple times and the system will freeze shortly after and the cursor stops blinking. Often times the fans will start to spin up really fast at this point. I can even sometimes manage to bring up the terminal with ctrl+alt+f3 beforehand, but it freezes during that too.

A few things about my system:
It’s currently dual booting Windows 10 and Manjaro XFCE and both OS’s have recently been freshly installed. Manjaro is running off of an nvme m.2 ssd with secure boot disabled and AHCI mode enabled. I also recently updated the BIOS as well.

Unfortunately, even after doing all of these fresh installs and updates, the issues are the same. When I originally installed Manjaro, it didn’t seem to have this many issues, but now even after an OS reinstall the issues are getting worse and worse.

I thought maybe changing some power settings or updating graphics card drivers would fix the issue because I saw a few people online mention it, but it didn’t seem to do anything. I’m using proprietary drivers on an nvidia card.

Any help is much appreciated!