System Freezes randomly

After a lot of tinkering, I have reached a stable state without any crash for more than a week now.

I removed all boot parameters I added over the last month.

I followed this description and downgraded linux-firmware to an older version from march:
System frequently crashing after GPU drivers update - #149 by Hans12

I’m now running Kernel 5.12 with linux-firmware 20210315.3568f96-3 and latest mesa.

Might be worth a shot if you still have problems.

The problem seems to be in the amdgpu driver which is in linux-firmware. Don´t forget to add linux-firmware to the pacman ignore list if you don´t want it to be updated to the latest version again.

The new mesa version 21.1.4 is available. Huge thanks to the developers.
Here is some short tutorial for testing it:

How is it? Did you upgrade the firmware to the newest version again?

Following the Arch forum, seams not solved…

I had this issue a month or so back, upgraded to 5.11 and it was fixed. After an update yesterday this error is back in full effect, now on Kernel 5.12. The error is the exact same as always:

Downgrading Mesa to 21.1.4 did NOT fix the problem as I initially thought, and the crashing persists after the downgrade too. I don’t know what to do to solve this issue currently, and it appears the error is closely linked to Steam’s usage of mesa. Any ideas?

Edit: The other thread on this issue recommends downgrading linux-firmware. Linux firmware is already downgraded from the last time I attempted to fix this and is exempt from being updated, but I’ll try fickling with it and see if the crashes cease.

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