System freeze with BTRFS corruption on 4 systems with kernel 5.12 (MANJARO)

Hi there,

This is to report a bug with Manjaro Linux 5.12.1-2 kernel that immediately affected 4 different, usually stable machines after update to kernel 5.12 from 5.11 or 5.10, and went away after reverting back to either 5.10 or 5.11.

Kernel affected : Linux 5.12.1-2-MANJARO
(Not sure if I tried Manjaro Linux 5.12.1-1-MANJARO)

Kernel not affected : All previous versions up to 5.11.18-1-MANJARO

Symptoms : Under heavy disk usage (such as performing a system backup onto external USB HD) the machine soon completely freezes and only a hard power cycle can get it out of it.

After reboot, systems on which BTRFS is built over bcache may show heavy filesystem corruption.

Happened on :

  • HP Laptop 1 (Intel Atom) : BTRFS over LUKS on SSD : System freeze, no BTRFS corruption after reboot.

  • Dell Laptop 1 (Intel Core2 duo) : BTRFS over LUKS on SSD : System freeze, no BTRFS corruption after reboot.

  • HP Laptop 2 : One BTRFS FS over LUKS on SSD, and one BTRFS over bcache over LUKS on HD+SSD : System freeze, SSD BTRFS was not corrupt but BTRFS over bcache was severely corrupt, beyond repair and had to be rebuilt and restored from backups.

  • Asus old desktop with AMD Athlon 64 X2 : BTRFS RAID-1 over bcache over LUKS on 2 HD + SSD : System freeze, heavy BTRFS corruption that could however be fixed by simply running a “btrfs scrub” after reverting back to a 5.10 Manjaro kernel.

To be thorough, I also have to report an Arch Linux Intel Celeron machine running 5.12.4-arch1-2 kernel, BTRFS over LUKS on SSD, that has been running for a while without showing any such symptom.

Hope these reports can be useful.

Best regards.

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Please read this:

especially the last section about “upstream” and “downstream”.


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