System Freeze After New Installation Manjaro 18.1.1 KDE

After i completed my installation and install all my packages, also doing a second profile for another user, then the system starts freezing, nothing to do but reboot with the pc switch. This happened to me on 2 different installation tryouts (SSD Adata 650), with 2 different nvidia GPU, Geforce GT710 and Geforce GTS-450.
Reboot works, but once logged in, it takes 2 minutes and the system freeze solid!
I also tried with kernel 5.3 and LTS 4.19 and same result.
For the GT710, the system installed driver 434 and for the GTS-450 it installed driver 390.126, wich is the proper driver usually.
Both GPU work perfectly fine with Manjaro 18.0. and no freezing happens, same kind of SSD also.

Me too on xfce the system freezes frequently. Especially if I open several windows or several offices at the same time. I think it's a memory problem. I added exchange files to solve the problem. But the result is not satisfactory. I opted for xfce because it is lightweight but there is a memory resource management problem

I installed the new iso (18.1.2) that came out Oct 25 and it seems to have fixed the problem, so far everything works fine.
I'm using GPU Geforce GTS-450 with driver 390.129 and on kernel 5.3.8

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