System crashed and not loading

Pacman - Syy
Probably because I dont have any connection?


Kernel 5.8

Yep. No connection. That’s what this is saying, too. It tells you that the service times out because of “No local IPv4 etc.”

I doubt that it’ll work, but you could try ping to see if that times out, too. Are you cabled or WiFi? If you are using the latter, you might want to cable it and try to run the ping command again to see if it works.

I connected a cable ran both pacman commands and rebooted, I still have the same issue

I pinged, I have a ping, now that I have a cable connected

Alright. So I’m guessing the exact same errors, right? What s the output of journalctl -xe | grep nmbd now?

I think you might have to try reinstalling shutter and its dependencies again just to see if that solves the problem. If that doesn’t solve it, I’m afraid that you might have to wait for someone else to show up that can go deeper into the issue.

Sorry that I couldn’t help :frowning_face:

EDIT: either that or you might want to reinstall the services that fail.

How do I reinstall shutter snap package? (thats what I had installed)

I’m unsure what shutter is called on snap, but I think that it is probably snap install shutter. Btw, did the system crash while you were uninstalling it?

Yes it, blurred and I had to restart.
Ok I snap installed it, still the same :frowning:

Did you reboot as well?

Then something broke while reconfiguring. That’s odd, though. I mean, a system is seldom “unrecoverable”, but I think I am on deeper waters than I can swim here.

EDIT: since Manjaro is based on Arch, you could try to post about it on the Arch forums.

EDIT 2: you could also try reinstalling the services that are failing to restart.