System crash while using swap corrupted file system


Long story in short

After one of the fresh installations of the system, I decided to build several packages from aur.
In the middle of the process, when the computer went into swap (which is not very scary, since I have a little RAM 8gb), the screen went black, giving out a shell with a blinking “_”.
Having booted from the USB, I found that file system was broken, i restored it (i’m using ext4 with swap partition always), and did an installation again. But when i run too many apps, screen went black again and again partition was destroyed and now information was unrecoverable. I did self-test found a lot of dead sectors, restored it, disk was 100% healthy, but after a fresh installation on new FS (btrfs), the situation repeated again when i was rendering simple graphics and pc used swap. All working data was lost and the hard disk was sent to trashcan because it was no longer detectable by Bios. The HDD actually was only 5 month old…

Based on the latest bad news on lkml org that the 5.12 kernel has swap file issue, is it possible that some versions like 5.9.16 have this issue too but with swap-partition? Ive lost a lot of data, time and almost new HDD. So if you have my kind of situation please leave a comment, maybe there is a huge bug. Not sure if this the right way to bring this message to community. So correct me if i’m wrong somewhere.