System changed since update; no wifi networking, no screensaver settings

I read about the update a few days ago and the voting etc. since the update I have lost wifi ; which is my ONLY option to connect to internet. I am now only able to connect by going to "advanced settings " upon restart and choosing the previous version . … also , now, I have no options for screensaver and the screen times out in less than 5 minutes , with no activity. I checked in " power management " in system settings and set the options for … NO energy savings - however the system is constantly reverting and I am constantly having to log in - again and again. I also disabled lock screen - with no effect.

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  • Desktop Environment: xfce
    CPU: ryzen 5
    GPU: nvidia

First aid:
…right-clic your power manager tray icon, and enable presentation mode.

my apologies, I am in KDE plasma for this question. I’ve tried to edit my profile to include KDE and don’t find any info on how to do so .