System boots in black screen and mouse pointer

HI i`m installed manjaro 20.0.3 recently and after installation it boots fine
but when i restart it boots with black screen and mouse pointer
what can i do now ?
i’m in live manjaro :crying_cat_face:

Can you use TTY? Press Ctrl+Alt+F2

Yes i’m in TTY

Did you update your system after installation? If not
sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Okay i’m updating the sys

You said you installed Manjaro 20.0.3 but the official editions are at 20.1.1 or did you use architect?

No i download iso few month ago :grin:

System is installing update. what’s next ?

Go to the terminal and check what kernel you are using:

uname -r

If it’s linux56 or linux 57 you need to install linux54 which is the latest LTS kernel or linux58

I have both linux54 and linux58
I reboot after installation and now i’m using linux58
And now i’m in TTY

Thats ok then. So everything is working fine now?

I advice you to do some reading on how to maintain your manjaro installation and to read the announcements first everytime you see a major update.

No it’s not working just mouse pointer and black screen

I,m not some Linux wizzard, maybe its best to dowload the latest ISO or wait for somebody who knows how to help you.

Okay thank you :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

It’s okay :grinning::partying_face: i just uninstall nvidia driver and it’s okay thank you very much :kissing_heart:

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