System applications missing

Suddenly there are many missing kde apps missing like Bluetooth and power management, is there a way to reinstall any missing apps?

How did they go missing? :astonished:

Anyway, the two you mention can be reinstalled with… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S powerdevil bluedevil
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Thank you that just worked, is there some kind of command that checks for missing system apps or dependencies to install them automatically? Could running an upgrade in the Konsole work?

pacman does that, and so does pamac.

I personally always advise running full upgrades in a tty, while completely logged out of the GUI, so as to avoid conflicts between the in-memory code and the on-drive code of the shared libraries and executables. However, this advice has been contested by a few users ─ but then again, it’s their problem if their own approach leads to breakage. :man_shrugging:

Do you think it would be just easier to reinstall Manjaro? I could just plug in a bootable usb is it possible to keep all my files? Or should i just run sudo pacman -Syu?

Manjaro is a curated rolling-release distribution. The idea is that you update the system every time an update/upgrade is released. Your update notifier icon in the system tray should be flashing red whenever that is the case, and there’s also always an announcement thread about it under the #announcements category here at the forum ─ I recommend you subscribe to notifications for that category.

Now, if you do not keep your system updated for a while, and then you suddenly update it again, chances are that you run into some breakage. And in those cases, it may ─ I’m not saying “is” but “may” ─ be easier to just reinstall than to try fixing all that’s broken.

If you’re going to reinstall, then it’s always best to have a separate /home partition, so that you can format the root filesystem without having to format the partition holding your data. But if you didn’t create a separate /home, then now would be a good time to start making backups of all your personal files.

That all said, I do not know what’s wrong with your system and why those packages got uninstalled, but if you tell me what appears to be missing, then maybe we can just reinstall those packages and get you going again ─ provided that your system is up-to-date, of course.

It seems it was just Bluetooth and power management that were missing, i wonder if it’s because i uninstalled Bluez while messing with ds4drv.

Yes, bluez is a dependency of bluedevil, so if you uninstall the latter, it’ll take the former with it.

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