Sync bluetooth mouse between manjaro and windows dual booth

Hello, newbie on linux in general, mounted a new pc and dual booted manjaro and windows, i have bluetooth integrated in the mobo and woud like to sync my mouse between manjaro and windows so that i don't have to reconnect it every time, tried some guides that makes you change the file in var/lib/bluetooth but it doesn't seem to work, anyone can help?

That is difficult due the technicalities of bluetooth.

So you think there is no easy way of doing it?

It is next to impossible.

Every time you connect it you reset the previous connection - at least - it is what I think happens. At some point the device stops being functional - and I have not found a cure against that. I have several bluetooth mouse which simply stopped working.

So I am using dirt cheap mouse with 2.4Ghz usb receiver - those works every time.

But I maybe wrong - I hope I am wrong - see :point_down: below quote from the Arch Linux Wiki

I have seen some guides that tells you to change some setting in the bluetooth folder that looks legit, but at least in my case they don't work

Maybe you can find something here

At least you get the explanation on the dual-boot question

Mouse pairing and dual boot

When dual booting Windows and Linux, you may find yourself having to re-pair your Bluetooth mouse again and again. This will happen every time you switch OS, because when you pair your device, your Bluetooth service generates a unique set of pairing keys.

First, your computer stores the Bluetooth device's mac address and pairing key. Second, your Bluetooth device stores your computer's mac address and the matching key. This usually works fine, but the mac address for your Bluetooth port will be the same on both Linux and Windows (it is set on the hardware level). However, when you re-pair the device in Windows or Linux, it generates a new key. That key overwrites the previously stored key on the Bluetooth device. Windows overwrites the Linux key and vice versa.

To fix the problem, follow the instructions on this post at StackExchange.

if using a Bluetooth LE device use this python script, slightly edited to adapt for arch, originally discussed here.

Otherwise informative pages on Bluetooth

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Didn't worked

probably never will, once a device is paired it won't connect to another it identifies as a different one. Your mouse will see windows and linux installs as different devices even though they are on the same hardware.

A USB 2.4Ghz wireless rodent is the easiest solution unfortunately. That will work with both operating systems without any such problems.

Bluetooth is great for some things but such device 'sharing' isn't one of them.

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