SYNA3602 touchpad not working at all

Maybe its starting too fast? I guess we could get picky about the Wants and After lines … but you could also maybe put a sleep in there to pause for a few seconds:

/usr/bin/bash -c '/usr/bin/sleep 6 && /usr/bin/rmmod i2c_hid && /usr/bin/modprobe i2c_hid'


Tried many reboots, making sure to rmmod before each one, and the touchpad came out alive right at the login screen.


As a side benefit, touchpad configuration seems to be remembered now. Interesting. Thanks a lot again!

By the way, just bought you a coffee! :coffee:

Cheers. Glad it works. Obviously, you can fiddle with the timer there and use something other than 6 seconds… find the sweet spot where it works but you arent waiting around for it.
Also … if it ever somehow does start too soon you can still run it again

systemctl start syna3602-driver-workaround

Of course since we know it works … you could fine-tune the service as well … maybe better After lines or similar, or config it to retry X times, etc.

Aw thanks :slight_smile:

Yes … on second though … maybe try implementing the Conflicts,After,WantedBy params from phils here:

(and it might work without needing the sleep)

Yes I’ll try shorter wait times. Now if only the physical buttons on the touchpad would work as well, that would make it fully functional.

I used to get it working out of the box on kernel 5.3. I have a hunch it is some kind of timing issue as well, as even on other kernels it sometimes work (like 1 in 100 boots).

I would say another thought is looking through modules


for anything odd/unused/blocking
(and then blacklisting them)

Philm’s version didn’t work for me, even when I add the 6s delay… But your version works pretty well.

Hey Gustavo, I have a VAIO FE14 with the SYNA3602 touchpad too, and I found a way to make the touchpad works fine, except for the click of the left button. I am looking for this funcionality. I don’t know if you still with the laptop but I am contacting anyway.
EDIT: I managed a way to do it but the touchpad is double-clicking when pressed on the touch area. Maybe you understand how to fix this problem.