Symbol for i3status.conf: Where to find and how to apply?

For i3bar and i3status, you have the options of using a custom separator or a custom symbol for say the battery. Where do you go to find these symbol and how do you "paste" them into the co fig file? For examples, the default Hard Drive status item has the hard drive icon.

I know that for i3status.conf, the file says that it is formatted in UTF-8. So I went and look up a different symbol in UTF-8. What do I do after? Do I paste the "picture symbol" or the "UTF-8 hex code" into the config file?

Well, what happens if you actually try one or the other?

I tried to just paste the UTF-8 code, it didnt work and I never tried to just copy the picture and paste. Silly me, thanks for your help

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