Switching to sway, unable to start Applications

I used Manjaro with KDE Plasma for a while and recently switched to sway as my window manager.
I use two Laptops, a smal Dell XPS 13 for caring around and Lenovo E560 to stay stationary on my desk.
I first switched the Dell witch worked fine and then did the same steps at the Lenovo, on wich sway starts, but is unable to start graphic applications. It is possible to start (graphic) applications in a different tty to the open sway session, but not in the sway session itself.
I can start a alacritty terminal, but not firefox, waybar,etc.
Nano works but even Vim does not open only after i try ^C to close it it opens.

On booth devices i disabled sddm and start sway after login in the terminal manually.

Thanks for the help

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