Switching to Nvidia GPU need advice

Hey folks
So I have decided to swap out my Radeon 5600 xt with the now almost reasonably priced nvidia 2070 super. Any best practices, advice or tips to make this transition go smoothly.

System info
OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Kernel: 5.7.19-2-MANJARO
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (12) @ 3.600GHz
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 5600 OEM/5600 XT / 5700/5700 XT

If you didn’t install amdgpu-pro, just install the card, boot up and install nvidia drivers, if you did install it, uninstall it first

thats a no on the amdgpu-pro

Here is the driver I am running
mhwd -li -d
NAME: video-linux
VERSION: 2018.05.04
INFO: Standard open source drivers.
CLASSIDS: 0300 0380 0302
VENDORIDS: 1002 8086 10de

There was a bug in the NVIDIA driver installer for the newest kernels (>= 5.6). It required a manual patch. See here for the details: [the forum prohibits me posting links, sorry].

Maybe it’s fixed in the latest driver, I haven’t checked for a while.

Should I remove the Nvidia drivers already on the system?

You’re using and free driver, you can uninstall it it you want.
I hadn’t any problem installing nvidia drivers, maybe the hybrid versions are a little bit tricky, just run
sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia-450xx

Much appreciated…
Good Looking out !

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