Switching to manjaro full time!

Hey guys, Currently my computer is on dual boot, I decided to go manjaro full time, I wanna delete my windows partition and join manjaro comunity full time, any advice on how I should go about doing that?

P.S I wanna save some files from windows…

use a iso and automatic install with the option to use all space. you’ll recognize while installing. windows will be wiped off and another soul is saved :smile:

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Well, then you have to reinstall Manjaro. If the system is already dual boot, you first mount your Windows partition and copy over all files that you need. Make sure of it!

Then, use a Live USB image and boot from it.
Use gparted to delete the Windows partitions and resize the Linux partition/s to your liking. Beware, that resizing partitions is usually safe but not without danger of data loss! (Maybe a resize2fs is necessary, I don’t know if gparted does that automatically.)

Then, update grub to remove the Windows boot entry.

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if i have to reinstall Manjaro, should I just back up everything I have ? or is that not neccessary

if I understand correctly, you jdon’t want to make a fresh install? if thta’s the case, make a back up of the files, and delete the windows partition with gparted or kde partition manager …modify grub to start manjaro straight up.

backup all your personal datas to an external device, everything that you don’t wanna miss.
you can go 2 ways either @mithrial way or the whipping off way with a clean new install. there are pros and cons for either one. but a backup of your personal datas is always suggested in case that something fails by resizing partition table and so forth. better save than sorry.

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yes thats right, I prefer not to make a fresh install

Any video or post resources? anyone?

not instantly, but internet and youtube is a universe. you’re right to get informations before cleaning up the closet (windows) :sweat_smile:

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yea, i’m never gonna use windows again or at least thats my impression from using Manjaro for like 2 months now

I’ve been using Linux 99% full time for several years. I have an old laptop that I keep around now with W10 that I use for tax software. I don’t understand the desire to not install fresh. So be it, but back up all your data files including Linux just in case something goes wrong. Also have a new ISO ready in case you need to boot into a working system and maybe you will decide instead of spending hours trying to fix something you broke, you can just wipe and load


If you use gparted, and only delete the windows (ntfs) partition there is really no chance of messing up anything in Manjaro. That being said once you do you have a lot of extra space on your disk. You have a few options. One is to just make a media partition to store a lot of files on, and mount it in your /etc/fstab file. That way if you ever want to try another distribution you can mount that partition in the new distro by adding it to its /etc/fstab file and all your files will be there. You could also boot an install media and make give the free space to the Manjaro partition with gparted. There are risks doing that, so back up your files if you do. It will also take a long time so do it right before bed and leave it run overnight.
Once the partition is removed open a terminal in Manjaro and do a sudo update-grub to remove the window entry in grub.


thanks man

No problem. I will say I have used the media partition idea for a long time. In that partition I have my Downloads, Documents, Music, Templates, Pictures, and Video folders. In the past I would install a distro, delete the empty folders in Home, mount the media partition, then symlink all the folders from the media partition to home. I never had to transfer my files that way. If I was using more than one distro to test and I made a file, it was available when I booted into another. Since I have stayed with Manjaro for years now its not as useful. But if I ever have to reinstall all my files are safe on the media partition and easily added to a new install.

This depends greatly on your device.
If you have two drives, then life is very simple. If you have a single 120GB SSD then not so much. 256GB is good for an install with nice storage, and 512GB you could use half for the install and partition another half for backups.

With multiple disks life gets much simpler - also for backups and snapshots off the main disk…

If you need to save files from your Windows install, then copy them, back them up before installing… then install Manjaro as you like.

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here is what my partitions look like, bitlocker partition is my c disk where windows is installed, so should i go ahead and just delete it? so theres no chance of messing up anythin in manjaro right?
an also look at partition labeled DB, that is my D disk partition it is accessible from manjaro so i think that i might keep that is that allright?

when i press delete on bitlocker partition action becomes pending and that memory becomes unallocated but when i try to resize my home partition it just doesn’t do it.

you can’t work on a partition that is in use/mounted

in principle you could log in as root, unmount /home, then work on it

but it’s much easier to boot a live system (from USB) and then do what you need to/want to do


you cannot add the space you gained from deleting the bitlocker partition to your /home partition to increase it
(if that is what you are trying to do)
the partitions (the space on the disk) are not consecutive, not side by side
you cannot grow the nvme0n1p7 to gain space from nvme0n1p3

I agree with @Nachlese.

Just to be sure you understand the situation: If you need more space for /home and delete nvme0n1p3 then you need not move nvme0n1p3 to the left, then nvme0n1p4, then nvme0n1p5, then nvme0n1p9, then nvme0n1p6, then nvme0n1p8, then nvme0n1p7 and finally you can grow /home to the right.

It is a tedious works. It would be much easier to backup all your data on a second disk and do a fresh install.

The problem with that would be that ive customized my manjaro quite a bit and i just dont want to lose that so is there a way to keep all of that? If i back up my data say on google drive will i keep al of my customization too?

Plasma config saver - search the widget Plasma Customization Saver.

Also Konsave (in terminal pamac install konsave) can create and also export configurations.

If you back up the .config folder, you’ll also keep the Plasma Config Saver snaps.

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