Switching to Linux - Two years after

Switching to Linux - Two years after

Hi guys, here we go again! (…and sorry for my english of “corpse”) :smiley:

In previous “episodes” you have seen:

Dec 2018

Jan 2018

What happened this time? 2019

  • processor and motherboard failure on my main gaming machine
  • processor and motherboard replaced at PC repair shop
  • original Manjaro KDE instalation still worked with new hardware
  • I switched to Manjaro XFCE anyway
  • when PC was at repair shop I bought a cheap laptop as a backup machine
  • after 4 days I gave up on Win10
  • I installed Manjaro XFCE
  • I recently bought a new custom build PC - full AMD setup
  • new era started :smiley:
  • laptop saved as a backup machine, just in case
  • old PC prepared for new owner (win10, of course)

And now, a few details.

First things first, that poor laptop. Why did they do that?

Win10 with feature bloat + HP bloat + super anti-virus = what a combo, or how to kill a little laptop. Dont you worry little one, I will take care of you. :smiley:

But seriously. When I first time started up that machine, it took me 1+ hour to finish the win 10 integrated setup. After that was still sluggish and weird. When i stopped antivirus and half of different processes then finally I was able to do atleast something... well... I made a Manjaro XFCE usb key.... :smiley:

Between Manjaro and laptop was only some kind of hardware bug or something with brightness, Manjaro gives me error warnings at start, I had to set some kernel parameter or what at the GRUB and thats it.

I was able to create a perfect, lighting fast linux laptop, thanks to Manjaro team.

Second experience - My old PC after processor and motherboard was replaced.

Well, everything was fine, except IOMMU or what the hell is it. I had two option with linux OS.

1 - working usb 3.0 but nothing else.


2 - working everything - except usb 3.0

Gues, what I choose? It was some kind AMD hardware bug or what, I dont know. Weird, but everything else worked like a charm. It was Manjaro XFCE edition, again. I will be missed that machine. We had a hella good time together. Good bye. :cry:

And now, brace yourself!

Ladies and gentlements, let me introduce you....


OS: Manjaro XFCE

CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X 12-Core 3.5GHz / 24x threads
GPU: AMD NAVI10 - Radeon RX 5700 XT / 8 GB vRAM
RAM: 32 GB
HDD: 2x 2 TB

New monitor AOC 32" - 2560x1440

So far, so good. Well, except Rise of the Tomb Raider, because of bugged NAVI drivers or what, but I already finnished it, so I dont care. More updates are needed obviously. For me, its first time on AMD graphics, who knows what are the future of AMD, linux, Manjaro and everything. Im pretty much excited. Now its time, to write down a list of free and open source projects I like, and send some donations. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Manjaro Team & community.

Keep up the good work! :wink:


Good on ya, but I do not like the bitching on Win10, you can make them working stable, with no bloatware if you give them time as you give time to make Manjaro work on same machine. The difference is.
Install Win10 remove bloatware install programs what you want.

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

Install Manjaro, solve problems with your HW.

The time spending is same either way

If you want working machine out of the box buy a Mac.

Yes I know, there are debloat scripts for win10, I used that for the fresh install of win10 for new owner of my old PC. That instalation work like a charm. Keep calm, and use what suits you the best. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, there is good for reason for this "bitching". Why not start with the fact, that one has to debloat an OS in the first place? :wink:

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This statement gets "less true" from year to year.


Especially with Catalina creating all kinds of issues.
Can't even connect a SD card with 10 bit 4K video from my S1H without making it crash lol

Given the hardware choices in a Mac (especially a Macbook) it is out of question in my opinion anyway. Only USB-C connectors with dongles, where only some (Apple) dongles work, soldered SSD and RAM, the whole butterfly keyboard issue, glued in batteries, the very restrictive T2 chip, ... these all are severe issues which are unacceptable IMO, especially considering the price of these devices.


Shame on Mac ! All this facts are is well-known since many years. That's why I bought a PC laptop in 2018. After using Mac OS for 25 years, I gave up too!

I used to really want a Mac, and over the last few years, I think that is finally squandered. There's just so much truth to what you said. It's virtually a non-servicable machine at this point. And a very expensive throw away machine to boot. I'll stick to my Thinkpads and Dells.

Welcome to year 3!! That's such an awesome write up about your journey. It's always cool to hear how people got to where they are with Linux. I love the Dell laptop. I've had a number of Dell laptops over the years, and they have all played very well with Linux. It should be a very solid computer for you for a long while to come.

My partner still tells the story of spilling water on their macbook .. and how 'happy it made' me. This is roughly 10 years ago at this point. But also, now, they exude true repulsion when forced to work outside of linux :laughing:

My wife has a macbook. Oddly enough, it costs nearly 3x what both of my (what I think) really nice laptops cost me. I honestly haven't used Mac in any real fashion in many many years. They still have a premium feel, but it would take me quite some time to figure out how to use most of the features of a Mac. I completely hated the iphone 5s I had, and if it's anything like that, it must be horrendous.

I agree what said about the Mac it is the reason why I am here after 13 years on Mac. It is expensive, HW locked as prison quality went down too. My message was about preparing os to work and macOS works out if the box without tweaking.

Sadly, no one cares about my new beast PC. :crying_cat_face: : My life, has no meaning anymore. LOL I hoped I can get more likes, than new apple devices. Just kidding. :smiley: (obviously)

I have a question: I have the impression you use your system also for gaming so why did you chose a 2nd Gen Threadripper over a 3rd Gen Ryzen e.g. a Ryzen 7 3700x?

But it really is a nice machine :+1:

Sorry I can not say WOW I do not like these big boxes under the table. :slight_smile:

I never had a mac and this year I was just about to buy a macbook pro to do some iphone dev, when I read that the ssd and ram is soldered. Pff, greed much, apple? They ask for insane amounts for the next capacity SSD, and you can't be sure you won't be needing more in two years to come.

Fine have a sympathy 'like' .. does that feel better? :sweat_smile:


Because I wanted more threads. I want to make my videos with kdenlive even faster. :smiley: Reminds me, that I still not tested it out.

Their is a very good reason for parts being hard wired and its not to stop users changing or upgrading it gives huge performance gains as their is less resistance, it prevents hi frequency electrical vibration from giving bad contacts, and much more Mac is about max performance. Like any great sports car its not user friendly to try to get under the hood, but you know that is what you pay for.
Unless you are like me and build your own its called hackintosh any intel/amd, based machine will do, a wonderful way to learn about containers and sandboxing, what is it only freebsd as freebsd could have been if it was not for the users refusing to change with the times.
Mac Catalina still uses a terminal, still uses nano as its default root editor its much closer to unix/Linux than users think, you can even break the walled garden with 1 terminal command their is a multitude of free software that is unix that runs on Mac software.
You just need to learn is that so hard.
Catalina runs smooth and fast on a old i5 based desktop i use nvidia GPU mine runs out the box better than using nvidia drivers on Linux,no web drivers they are not needed, you have to choose the correct card for this mind you, bluetooth wireless out the box, 6 SSDs + Blueray if needed. just pure Mac with a boot loader upgrade yes just like native, from Mojavi to Catalina went well, But like Linux, Windows, some software needed upgrading that is pretty basic really.

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