Switching only Kernel to Unstable not entire system?

Hi there,

I have found the instructions how to switch to the unstable branch.

Is there a way to only switch the kernel to unstable since I need to test a certain unstable kernel but do not want to switch my entire system!

Thanks in advance!

You can swap to unstable branch, update only the kernel, then swap back.

And then have a potentially broken system.


Ì see thanks, I do not really update my production system to unstable just to test the kernel and then reverse again, just for testing one package. I will ask around if someone who is on unstable can test the kernel.

Could you not compile just the kernel ? There’s plenty of guides on the forum and its not too difficult

I think you are totally right. I do know how to do that. I just though at first I specifically need to test the kernel they compiled. Since it shouldn’t make a difference who compiles it however I just did compile it myself to test it. Thing is I did not know if they have a special pipeline with certain compile flags or anything like that, that could change the result. I will mark your reply as the answer.

You can just install packages from the unstable branch like:

sudo pacman -U http://manjaro.moson.org/unstable/core/x86_64/linux58-5.8.8-4-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

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Installing only the kernel could lead to a broken system. In your situation, I would first create a timeshift backup, do a full upgrade on the testing branch, then restore the update when you’re done.

In all honesty though, I’ve been on the testing branch for years without serious problems. Updates are also more frequent with less packages.

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