Switching graphics cards in manjaro xfce

hi all

im on xfce and i want to be able to switch between the external gpu and the internal intel gpu dynamically so that i can use the intel one for daily work and the amd one for anything 3d. every computer on the planet should be able to do that btw.

how can that be done?


If your system can handle in the Video group options the Switchable Graphics via BIOS, then that is what you can do. And in some cases, when you want to use the AMD one, you simply run, for example:
DRI_PRIME=1 blender

But all depends on how your PC motherboard can deal with this.
The GPU will always be on tho if you are on a Desktop PC, hence might not be exactly what you want. Probably there is away to turn it completely off by using amdgpu.runpm=0 as kernel boot parameter, but then to enable it you have to reboot without that parameter.

thanks bogdan, my bios is 10 years old so i doubt it can do that. ill figure it out somehow, a reboot is not really a problem either. i can always just unplug the GPU manually.

im sure there will be an easy solution in the future because why burn electricity for nothing.

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Have you tried something like described here https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/507071/power-off-video-card-until-reboot-from-command-line
But you have to make sure you get the output from the iGPU.
Or better this Disabling discrete AMD Graphics card in linux – CodeFlu