Switching from KDE to Cinnamon (feels faster)

Hey did some test runs between KDE and Cinnamon and cinnamon was hands down way more snappy on my 3900x/5700xt liquorix kernel… Is there any real difference “tweaks wise” from going full vs mininmal install for Cinnamon?

DISCLAIMER: Just because for me Cinnamon feels snappier doesn’t mean thats the actual case… Had to put this so it doesn’t confuse people. :smiley:

So is this a thread about our unscientific opinion of DE’s ?
Or do you need information ?
For that see this - Projects · Profiles & Settings / iso-profiles · GitLab

So is this a thread about our unscientific opinion of DE’s ?

So by saying with my specific hardware I am experiencing better performance on cinnamon than KDE I am trying to give a unscientific opinion of a DE? I don’t know what caused you to go that route when I just came here to ask a simple question…

Not trying to sound rude back but did you read the question? I stated my reason for switching then asked for help.

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Well hardware is extremely unlikely to have any effect on or from a DE.
And in most cases its simply an issue of what the user has configured and/or what they are used to.
Stating “I have this model, run a third party kernel, and I think cinnamon is faster then KDE” isnt much information.

As it provides no useful data, testable observations, or even anecdotal specifics… it could easily be confused for an intentionally inflammatory post …

I did. I answered with a link to the list of differences between the profiles.

Yes you did answer after being rude… Not sure If you are having a bad or if thats how you normally act but I did a fresh install of both and just experienced snappier performance with Cinnamon. (That was my personal experience and doesn’t mean others will have the same.) Also this post clearly was about asking a question like I stated just gave the reason who I am swapping over to Cinnamon.

Anyways updated the main post so it doesn’t confuse people. No need to keep this topic going.

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Most likely you just let the baloo indexer run wild, but never let it finish … thus the slowness.

More to the point - DE flame wars are common.
You could have avoided all of this by simply stating your question.

Sorry if you think thats all rude.

Wasn’t aware of giving an opinion before a question was a huge problem here. Next time I will keep it extremely basic and to the point so it doesn’t confuse the average person looking at my post :+1:

On the baloo indexer I could have not 100% sure. I had the kde install on the pc for around two days just using firefox and a steam game. then did the same with cinnamon, have been on and off with linux over the years always using KDE when I come back so could have overlooked something.

I’ve run both KDE and Cinnamon but prefer cinnamon as IMO it’s smoother than KDE. Yes it’s more resource hungry but I definitely find it smoother, that’s the beauty of linux though you choose the distro and DE that’s best for you.

I installed the cinnamon full edition, its not overly bloated and it’s easy to remove anything you don’t want. Snap and Flatpak plugins aren’t installed by default. If there’s any particular questions you’d like answered about the full edition just ask away


It depends what you mean, if only RAM, then KDE plasmashell is constantly bloated and after a couple of days it can take up 700 megabytes.


Perception of speed or snappiness of any computer system is highly subjective.

The phrase speed blindness taken from traffic is also applicable when with computer systems.

Many tricks has been done over the years - to make systems look more snappy than they really are by distracting the user with gadgets like wobbly windows - rotating cubes and what not.

If you reduce the window effects on KDE - or completely disable then - you will be surprised - you can actually see the difference.

So very subjective … and impossible to judge - in a forum.

Facts is what matters - use the time command to time any given task and put the results in spreadsheet - now that is comparable - and not subjective at all.

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Like I said before the beauty of linux especially manjaro is choice. You choose the desktop that’s best for you. I absolutely love the customisation of kde and think Deepin is beautiful but I just prefer cinnamon. I’ll never bag on any desktop and always recommend to try a few in live usb/vm before picking one


CSCS, your reply lack any diplomacy. A simply “sorry” or “forgive me”
would have been more suffice. This is my second bad experience on
this web forum in less than a week.

I have yet to experience this type of high minded elitism on Mint forums.

Let’s grow this Manjaro community, rather than shrink it.

Based on the poor english translation and the 20 day necro post I am going to diplomatically venture a guess - you may not be the perfect sage of wisdom in this context.

Its not elitism to expect a certain amount of decorum.
Its not elitism to point out fallacies.
Its not elitism to believe facts should be supported by evidence.