Switching from Gnome to KDE

From what I have learn thus far, its best to do a full and complete re-install of Manjaro w/KDE to complete the switch.

What I need to know, is how and if my Gnome backup will restore my files when I make this switch. I am new and having a tough time finding a post that addresses this topic, any help is appreciated!

I am on a ThinkPad, X1…

1- What program are you using to your back-up?
2- Make sure that program runs on KDE.

Timeshift is one tool that you can use in any DE if I’m not wrong for back-up.

Is necessary for your installation use a back-up tool or are just documents, pics and things like that?


What do you want to restore from your ‘old’ system? How do you currently backup your files?

TimeShift is used to backup the system files so a TimeShift backup would restore the system in the state it was when taking the snapshot. It doesn’t save the /root/ or /home/ folders, it is not meant to do that. If you restore a TimeShift backup after reinstalling the system on KDE, it will restore the previous system.

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I currently use Dupe, but have Timeshift installed as well.

I am mainly concerned with all my docs, audio files and other personal docs saved on the disk. My email is web based, I can restore a lot from Brave Sync as I do a decent amount in web based apps.

I have never restored from a backup on a clean Linux installation, that was another question I had, but I’m sure its fairly straight forward and simple.

The reason for the switch is the customization KDE offers with the widgets and things like that.

Can you post fdisk -l (as root) on console to
show us the partitioning of your disc(s) ?

I have no partition, one disk is only Manjaro and the other, which I do not use is windows, both are separate. Does that answer or do you still need a to see?

please find attached screen shot of my terminal with the command fdisk -l as root. By providing this info it would make it easier for us to help you.

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OK sounds good. I will do that and post, thank you!

Why wont the forum let me post a pic in the reply? I apologize, I am totally new.

Because that ^

This is how the forum works, new accounts have lower permission, this is called the Trust Level.

Anyway, you never post a terminal output as an image this is non readable and considered wrong to do so. You put terminal output between three backticks so it gets properly formatted and is readable by everyone, and doesn’t waste bandwidth and storage, example:

the terminal output here

this will make it like that:

the terminal output here
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fdisk -l >>/home/“your account name”/log

Then you have the output of fdisk in the log file.
Now you can post it here.

I forgot to reply, my bad. Figured it out and thanks for the help!