Switching from BIOS to UEFI

Hi everyone,
I have switched my PC (upgrade to new PC) which has only ufi booting my previous PC was legacy boot, of course I do not want to reinstall every thing again, I tried to use boot repair manger iso and failed to make boot , so I had an extra hdd, I installed linux mint and prop the OS , it was partially successful s it fount my manjro and I can boot using failsafe option from the menu,
so now I have on sda mint (with all needed partions for ufi boot) and sdb with my manjro
I hve tried to use grub-update from inside manjaro but no results it just seems to update the mbr booting…
I hope I presented enough informtion to guide me throw solution!!
thanks for your time

The wiki has some info about it:

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Thank you that was very simple and helpful
marking as solved

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