switching branches: testing - stable do i have to manually downgrade specific packages

i am testing certain nouveau crashes. So i want to take a look at these problems at the stable branch.
Wiki is telling:

How do I go back after changing to one of the testing branches?

Going back to the stable branch is easy. All you have to do is to repeat the above, and use stable as the branch value.

Be aware that after switching to a more stable branch you will receive messages from pacman, informing about newer packages installed than available in the repo. Don't be alarmed as the situation will resolve itself when the packages reaches your current branch. 

So: the situation will resolve itself when the packages reaches your current branch. means that the newer packages will be still installed, as long as the file versions will be updated in coming updates.

Therefore i have to downgrade, e.g. nouveau manually to the last stable version?

Warnung: lib32-mesa: Lokale Version (19.0.5-1) ist neuer als multilib (19.0.4-1)
Warnung: lib32-mesa-vdpau: Lokale Version (19.0.5-1) ist neuer als multilib (19.0.4-1)


It's not adviseable to do a partial upgrade or downgrade. You can sync the system to Stable package versions though, the following should do it:

sudo pacman -Syyuu --force

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If you use one more u - sudo pacman -Syyuu - you would get a full downgrade on all packages. If you only want to test an older version of one or a few package you could use downgrade instead without switching branches.


Not sure downgrade works on stable it did not use to?

I don't know about this. Because I only use downgrade while beeing on testing.
As I already wrote, one don't have to switch to stable just because of one or a few packages. With downgrade @LinuxFreak can stay on testing and try if the issues disappear with older versions of the package(s).

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Yes I am on testing too and it does work but I know it did not on stable many months ago but this may have changed I don't know.

It may not be adviseable to partial downgrade, but it's a good way to find the source of an issue by downgrading just the package that seems to be the troubeling one.

this was exact i was looking for.

mmhhh should we edit the wiki with @micsim35 and your info about a full downgrade to stable?


in some instances when bug hunting that can work but conversely it can also introduce more stability problems due to broken dependencies, especially if you force an individual package downgrade.

as LinuxFreak is looking for nouveau problems in different branches then I would have thought it needs to be a complete distribution sync and not a single package, otherwise the testing is going to produce false outcomes.

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I think not.

The safest (and easiest) thing to do is to switch down and then wait for stable to catch up, generally a week or two at the most.

For advanced users, such as yourself, it can be expected that they know how to find out what to do with their specific purpose in mind (even if that means asking). :slightly_smiling_face:

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