Switched to Manjaro from Ubuntu: 3 month update

Dorian talks about his experience from switching to Manjaro Gnome from Ubuntu. He is very impressed by the drivers, especially the Nvidia ones. He compares the Arch forums to ours, and he speaks very highly of this forum as compared to Arch, and he loves how tolerant our forum is. He loves the Rolling Release model. He absolutely recommends Manjaro. He explains the AUR repos and its potential dangers, as well as how much he likes bumblebee. He finally covers Steam and playing windows games on Linux.


Three months of using Manjaro and he still has the boring Manjaro background? Looks like a new install :smiley:

Maybe they have commitment issues? :joy:

…I had had the same wallpaper on my Windows install for straight 4 and a half years before I wiped it out completely. Some default backgrounds look really great. Every man to his taste. :smiley:

Switched to Linux for the first time myself in July. Started with KDE Plasma and eventually dropped the DE for the i3 community edition and loving it! Manjaro really is the total package.

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Thank you for the mention Arkas :slight_smile:

I purposely switched back to a Manjaro wallpaper just for the video. As you can tell on my other videos, I always have something different and I often get asked where I got it :wink:
Also, you did notice it’s Gnome with an extension to make a bottom panel right? Definitely not a new install lol


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