Switched from Gnome to KDE have some issue with GTK/QT

Hi i use Gnome as my current daily DE but i wanted to try out KDE Plasma.
I installed and started sddm and the kde applications.
When i logged out and in i found that the whole thing looked really like kde but for some reason the applications still look like I’m on Gnome: Stuff that uses GTK looks good but Dolphin for example looks really weird:

How do i do that it isnt like that?
Thanks to everyone <3

Mixing Gnome and KDE desktop with one user is not a good idea, several packages do not run well together.

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Most likely, that’s because of the configuration used when you were in Gnome for theming Qt applications. It usually applies to Qt globally, so if you left it, it also applies while in KDE.

Ok so how can I completly switch from gnome to kde?

Backup your data and re-install.

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Remove the gnome packages…?
Probably not everything though, some might still interest you, like gvfs.

And you will probably also need to clean some configuration about GTK and Qt.

Install manjaro-kde-settings and that will remove the gnome one … after that, copy .config from /etc/skel/ to your home directory
cp -r /etc/skel/.config ~
then reboot … not sure if you will need other files too from skel …

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