Switch to Redshift instead of Night Shift


after some distro hopping i landed at Manjaro Budgie, and i guess i’ll stay with it.
I’ve experienced always the same issue with Night Shift:

On multi monitor setup always one screen doesn’t switch to Night Shift mode. :disappointed:
There are ways to workaround this issue on other distros, but with Manjaro i haven’t found a solution.

This is a known issue, partially fixed with Gnome 3.28, but due to further needed upstream development with Night Shift i request a switch to Redshift app.

It works out of the box with Manjaro (Budgie) on all screens and the Redshift geoclue2 issue is already fixed (on Manjaro).


you’re already using redshift. nightshift is just an interface for controlling it.

Budgie desktop development isn’t something Manjaro can control. :slightly_frowning_face:

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