Switch to iGPU

About 2 months ago, I replaced windows with manjaro KDE on my main computer. The whole experience was great and way better than windows. 2 days ago, my monitor broke, so I had to use an old one that only had VGA. Turns out, my graphics card (Radeon RX570) does not have a vga port, but my motherboard had one. I booted into the uefi bios and changed my primary graphics adapter to "Intel UHD graphics 630". When I booted into manjaro, it showed the ASRock logo (My motherboard) and nothing else. I can go into text mode with ctrl+alt+f2 but I can't do anything to fix it and the network connection is not activated. Can anyone tell me how to fix it? and also if I can use the dedicated gpu for graphics but output from the iGPU port (like windows can)?

EDIT: I connected to the Wifi with nmcli

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