Switch to 5.11 without nvidia issues?

Hi all,

I’m looking to switch to Kernel 5.11 from 5.9.16-1 as I’d really like to get CPU temp info from my Ryzen ZEN3 processor. I’ve recently bought a few of them for my business and one of them is running a lot hotter than the others. Would like to monitor my own and I’m the only one that can’t as my understanding that didn’t come in till 5.11

I’m currently running the 460.39 nvidia drivers. My worry is that if I upgrade to 5.11 I’m going to get nvidia issues. Is it feasible to just be able to upgrade without having to do a whole load of reconfiguration afterwards or am I better off waiting?

Many thanks in advance.

You can monitor temps, no need for anything special. What is the problem currently to monitor temps? Did you even try to monitor temps?

I’m not able to get any CPU temps from within Manjaro at all. I’ve seen in a few other places that it’s because it’s a ZEN3 and CPU temp wasn’t in until 5.11

I’m certainly not getting anything through in psensor or bpytop

I’ve been using 5.11 since an early release candidate version, and I have not experienced serious issues with the 460.39 NVIDIA driver. But you can easily try it, and if you experience any problem, you can simply continue using the kernel that you’re using at the moment.

Even with tools like ZenMonitor from AUR?

Correct. Going by this as the kind of source I’ve been looking at, it wasn’t added until at least Kernel 5.10

Nice to know, I want to try too the 5.11 on Nvidia, your answer can help me, thanks.

Just switched and so far everything good !

I think they dropped it on 5.11 Linux 5.11 Drops AMD Zen Voltage/Current Reporting Over Lack Of Documentation - Phoronix

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Thanks for all the replies guys.
Took the plunge and changed to 5.11 with no issues, and now I seem to get full data on the CPU.