switch package updating line to unstable

I don't know if this is possible but if not I'd like to request that it be possible. As the title suggests I'd like to request that it be made possible to change a single package update line to unstable. I'm requesting it because I'd like to be able to do it with wine. I thought of this request back when the latest version was 4.7 but didn't feel at the time that it was worth requesting but now that the newest is 4.8 and I've been struggling with 4.6 trying to get something working to the point where I made a bug report on the wine bugzilla I wanted to make this request. The guy who replied to my bug report said he didn't have the same issue and I wonder if it's because he's using the latest dev version of wine.

4.8.1 is in testing branch

It seems like it would be difficult because of dependencies. The system expects to roll as a whole and there is no guarantee that pulling a package from one branch to another won't break something.

I am not sure the risk would be less than if you just switched branches to unstable.

If you want to, you can use pacman -U to install a package directly from unstable by browsing the repo and grabbing the URL.

How do you grab the tar.gz out of unstable? (without switching to it entirely)

From one of the mirrors, or even directly from Arch if you are so inclined.

Or you could temporarily switch branches, install, and switch back.

Fair warning - none of those things are supported or exactly 'advisable'.

But in this case wine-git and wine-staging and all that stuff is already available in the AUR.

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Like I said, 4.8.1 is already in testing branch. You could temporarily switch to that to install it and then switch back to stable.

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No it's not. I looked there a while ago. The only thing it has is wine-stable.

Ah that's it!!! When you said it before the key I was missing is I assumed when you switch branches everything will update on you to match that branch. (meaning it will do it on you automatically MS style)

Then you did it wrong somehow:


Well you should .... otherwise your dependencies will likely be screwed .. and we are back to why this is generally a bad idea unless you really know what you are doing.

Look at version number in the title. It's very old.

Thats not how git packages work... it will pull whatever is latest in git upstream.

(you should know how to read PKGBUILDS in at least a basic way, such as seeing what the source is, if you plan on using the AUR. And really, in general.)


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You can browse the repos with a browser. Just go to https://repo.manjaro.org/ and click on one of the mirrors. Then grab the a copy of the package URL and pass it to pacman -U

Of course, as stated above, this is not a good idea unless you understand the implications of installing the package from a different branch.


Very cool thanks. and yes I know i would never do this for critical manjaro packages but fortunately my issue is in regard to wine so the only thing it can potentially break is games.


Thanks for pointing that out I also noticed it later on as the top question and answer in the package. It's very misleading that the maintainer doesn't update the title but I'll actually give that git package a try first since it'd be nice to have it auto-update from yay. Also I'm a rookie at PKGBUILDS but when I looked at the one for that package even the version number in that script was set to 3.16xx but I suppose it will update regardless so I'll give it a try tonight.

Also please don't take offense to the fact that I marked dalto's post as the solution I only did it because it's a more general solution whereas yours works because the particular package in question happens to be in the AUR.

Dont worry. I will fight them for it later :smiling_imp:


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