"switch off display" when lid closed doesn't work in XFCE


I’d like to close the laptop and use an external display with HDMI.
I choose the option “Switch off display” at “When laptop lid is closed” in the “Xfce Power Manager”.
The laptop is then in suspend/hibernate mode.
It’s not a hardware problem, because it works fine with KDE.

Try this:

Power Settings for laptop with external monitor:


Uncomment the following:


Then restart computer

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Thanks for the quick help. But it didn’t work.

I use XFCE.

At the time I was using Arch Linux and in this post I found the solution: Laptop lid close "do nothing" / Laptop Issues / Arch Linux Forums

Now my Lenovo has it in the BIOS of the lid closing behavior.

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Have you checked the solutions in similar threads?

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I followed this:

And changed ‘IgnoreLid’ from ‘false’ to ‘true’. After a restart: HDMI didn’t work at all!
I unchanged it then (made it ‘false’ again) but still: HDMI doesn’t work at all.
I also tested another HDMI cable.
I don’t know what happen.

Did you restart the service?
“Note that you have to then restart this service: sudo systemctl restart upower.service”

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No I didn’t I just restarted the laptop. .
But now I’ve installed Manjaro KDE because I had also some other issues.
So maybe closing this thread is appropriate.

Thanks for all the answers.

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try this i have found this on another thread

Below configuration is working fine:
HandleLidSwitch=ignore in /etc/systemd/logind.conf
IgnoreLid=true in etc/UPower/UPower.conf

im using manjaro xfce and after doing this it works perfect
and don’t forget to switch your hdmi as primary display.