Switch from consolekit to elogind

light-locker-consolekit depends on consolekit and stops the installation. I suppose light-locker-consolekit could be removed first to test. But that will be an issue for XFCE systems.

Also, there’s no pam_systemd.so in my /etc/pam.d/lightdm-greeter. It does appear in /etc/pam.d/system-login:
-session optional pam_systemd.so

Yes, works fine, except kcm auth is currently not working for modules with root privs. Working on that…

Ok, ty. I will test later.:relaxed:

Best regards.

Its not so clear that its a testing project, but something that is, casually, in unstable: reading your answers seems that consolekit is almost died. Anyway, all done, simply replaced the HD with a copy, but please, next time, please, be more clear.

Anyway, you always do a great work so, mine was only a small advice.
Coming back at more serious question: which conf files have I to save, to be able to restore the previous situation, to avoid, while testing it, to reinstall every time?

Thanks’ :slight_smile:

kcm auth is that KDE as root authority is not working in cinnamon either.

It works with lightdm in XFCE-OpenRC. I removed light-locker-consolekit and installed elogind-openrc and networkmanager-elogind and also polkit-elogind and allowed the other consolekit packages to be removed. Started the elogind service (and stopped consolekit and cgmanager).

After installing the elogind packages, the /etc/pam.d/system-login entry was already corrected to pam_elogind.so

Rebooted fine. Elogind service running. Reboot worked under elogind (xfce4-session-logout used for reboot or shutdown). Light-locker works.


session   optional pam_elogind.so

Should be in there too.

Mine has a dash in front of it, in the system-login, is this correct or should it be removed?
Also have added this to lightdm-greeter but its made no difference.
Another thought should polkit-elogind be able to be added to the run levels?

Forget all above as I was on Testing branch and just moved to unstable and it now works properly.


Okay, added it.

Overall, the only issues in XFCE were that light-locker-consolekit had to be removed first, or the elogind packages wouldn’t install (or rather consolekit couldn’t be removed).

And polkit-elogind should be installed also, right (since polkit-consolekit gets removed)?

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Switching to elogind seems good idea. It will also be easier to do openrc version of bspwm edition, because the edition currently relies on logind for power management

SDDM doesn’t save auto-login - it doesn’t get saved in settings (just leaving the tab and applying and going back shows it’s gone back to disabled).

Edit. Steam is ok now, I just had a plasma-desktop update from unstable and the problem has gone - no idea why!
Steam full-screen (which I need for the controller on the desktop) steals focus and moves me to it’s desktop. The windows settings haven’t changed, it just doesn’t follow them.

In cinnamon the lightdm greeter has all shutdown options but the desktop has none any ideas?

I don’t use cinnamon or gtk based DE, but iirc, cinnamon has a dconf setting for logind. In case you disabled logind, enable them.

Yes logind were disabled because before elogind they used to make nemo crash
I’ve enabled them shutdown options working and so far so is nemo.

Just hit a small problem cinnamon on a restart takes 5 seconds which is too fast and creates errors in the file system a restart from lightdm takes twice as long and produces no errors not sure what the difference is?

@oberon @artoo

My experience was pretty much the same.

Also noting that completing the process (and clearing the orphans) drops the number of total installed packages as determined by pacman -Q down by 7, to 765.

Under cinnamon pressing shutdown or restart just closes the cinnamon session, it does not actually cause a reboot/halt.

However while I am in the lightdm greeter shutdown and restart work as expected.

I have a symlink from systemctl to loginctl and in my lightdm-greeter pam file it has the elgoind.so

Any ideas?

Manjaro-tools and dbus-elogind

Tried to build an openrc iso with dbus-openrc in packages-root and dbus-elogind in
manjaro tools stops with a dbus conflict the only way I got it to build was to swap them around.

Also mtp although nemo mounts my phone at startup if I then disconnected it and then reconnect it it can be seen but not mounted and a message says that.


See above

Building iso is not on the agenda atm, it will work, I already made a elogind branch.
Once elogind packages stabilized, I will add updated packages for live session.

Ok Many Thanks

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