Switch from consolekit to elogind

mkinitcpio-nosystemd has like mkinitcpio a backup line in the build.
Therefore, on installation, and if the conf file doesn’t match default file, pacman creates mkinitcpio.conf.pacsave

@artoo, I agree with you that there is “nothing” to do, but like @cimarronline wrote, the behaviour to backup the old .conf and to replace it with the new, is not based on a fixed rule and to replace the mkinitcpio.conf is a lot more dangerous than to replace a pacman.conf, for example: it can generate serious blocking situation.

I know that its my responsibility to control, but to control an automatic process, with the messages flowing like a F1 on the screen is not so simple and I think that if the programmers decided to realize an automatic process (–> install the new version --> rebuild the startup process --> install the new .conf --> etc…), the programmers don’t have to kill a standard installation, but to preserve it and not to create a dangerous situation.

My mkinitcpio.conf (with the encrypt hook), has never been manually modified, but it was automatically generated during the installation process, its normal to suppose that it stay in place, without modification, with a standard upgrade :slight_smile:
This is why I didn’t control: I never imagine that somebody can change a standard configuration file :slight_smile:

I’m not telling that you did an error, but I think that you can agree that this approach is not so logic: a little bit fuzzy :wink: Sometime it happen :slight_smile:

Anyway, with openrc you are all doing a GREAT work; really a great work, and I appreciate a lot!

You could noit tell that even if you wanted.
You find pacman does not work the way you expect it to work.
Nothing I can do about wrong perception.

My android Phone Problem just got weirder udev, eudev perhaps now, clearly doesn’t know my user name and has to look in udev/rules.d to find it.
Do you have any explanation for this?


I do confirm the issue. My phone gets mounted if it is connected at the startup, but reconnection eventually drops an error. Shall try to dig deeper into the matter.

Here is the workaround but why?


Yes, I’ve seen this one already. Thanks for pointing out anyway.
It seems that such behaviour has something to do with a bug mentioned here.

@artoo have you seen the above post, I’m afraid it says its an elogind bug amongst others, not sure though thaty his fix is what you should do?

Report it upstream then, and please do not report it in a one liner manner like you do almost daily on the forum.

Of course I will but I need to to know a few things first.
What do I report it against?
I take it that it is not my place to task someone to look at it?
Where do I report it Manjaro or somewhere else?

Correct, as any sticky forum post says, provide necessary details. You are long enough on the forum, and still write daily panic one liners.

As for the rest of your questions, any search engine does answer them. I am not Aunty Erna who holds hands and tells the children what to do. I think, you are an adult, and have been given reason, and the ability to think and read. Use it please.

Another one liner


Thats not upstream, but a start,
Still no freaking details on your system.


Wow almost no systemd! ************* testing branch XFCE
[root@xxxxxxx]# pactree -r libsystemd
libeudev-systemd provides libsystemd
│ └─inxi

Thanks Artoo,


There is a procps-ng-elogind package. :slight_smile:


Can you post

pactree -r systemd


Here you go:

[root@xxxxxx]# pactree -r systemd
eudev-systemd provides systemd
│ └─cups-openrc
│ ├─cryptsetup
│ │ └─cryptsetup-openrc
│ ├─device-mapper-openrc
│ │ ├─cryptsetup-openrc
│ │ ├─lvm2-openrc
│ │ └─nfs-utils-openrc
│ ├─dmraid
│ ├─grub
│ ├─lvm2
│ │ └─lvm2-openrc
│ ├─nfs-utils
│ │ └─nfs-utils-openrc
│ └─parted
│ └─gparted
│ ├─libqmi
│ │ └─modemmanager
│ └─modemmanager
│ ├─linux49
│ │ ├─linux49-ndiswrapper
│ │ └─manjaro-system
│ │ ├─avahi-openrc
│ │ ├─bluez-openrc
│ │ ├─cups-openrc
│ │ ├─elogind-openrc
│ │ ├─mhwd
│ │ ├─networkmanager-openrc
│ │ ├─octopi
│ │ ├─pacli
│ │ └─pamac
│ ├─manjaro-system
│ └─mkinitcpio-openswap
│ └─manjaro-system
│ └─pulseaudio
│ └─pulseaudio-alsa
│ └─syslog-ng-openrc
│ └─gvfs
│ ├─gvfs-gphoto2
│ └─gvfs-mtp
│ └─xfce4-power-manager

pactree -r libsystemd
libeudev-systemd provides libsystemd

Wait until unstable updates arrive in testing, and the systemd depends will shrink dramatically.

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