Swedish language

After updating manjaro kde plasma, the Swedish language does not work, Swedish is not available in formats other languages ​​are available but not Swedish, it is possible to enter Swedish manually but how has even changed core but it is the same thing I still hope it exists a solution to this and I do not have to wait for a new language file to be released

Look up the “Language lost (German locale)” thread, the other guy was able to find a solution, hopefully it’s the same solution for you.
I’m having a different issue, seems like Xfce is not “saving” (holding up) the settings that I define over reboots. After each reboot, I have to re-set keyboard layout, keyboard shortcuts and even panel plugin settings, because apparently Xfce (the particular version tuned up for Manjaro, not Xfce in general) is not reading from the XML files located on /home/.config/xfce4/xfconf/…/per-channel
I wonder if this issue is related to that or not.
Seems like Manjaro is reading configs from one place, but storing the configs in another place. At some point in time, these two became split apart. It seems.