Sway ARM version doesnt open wm, [Sway: cannot start: libseat: Could not activate session: Permission denied]

This error (output: 4 to 5 lines long, I forgot the rest of the error) happened after booting Manjaro ARM Sway USB drive on my raspberry pi

Sway: cannot start: libseat: Could not activate session: Permission denied

Solution: sudo pacman -S polkit
This only works when creating a booting device with Manjaro ARM Minimal in it, then you have to install sway and polkit aka policy kit.

Please devs

  • Include the ‘polkit’ package inside of “Manjaro ARM Sway Edition”, that way the bug ends up solved.

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Just tried the official sway image 22.06 on my PBPRO and the issue seems to be no longer existent. I checked default packages installed and found that polkit-gnome (and as a dependency polkit) is part of the installed packages (its in the package list since the very beginnings… Blame · editions/sway · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab). So maybe there was an issue with the package dependencies for polkit-gnome, or something went wrong with the image build…

Can you pls. give it another try?

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