Swap partition to be reactivated at each launch (Solved)

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I recently re-mounted KDE in order to run Davinci-resolve. So i need swapfiles.
1/ creating 4 partitions - System-Swap-Timeshift and Data parts
2/ Installing last version - Kernel 54-85

Problem : i shall reactivate the swap partition at each lunch
Please , what to do to keep active the swap partition permanently ?
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This page from the wiki may be useful: Swap - Manjaro

Thanks a lot.- The answer was into the page.

Can you share it with us?

Yes of course,

So here is a way for mounting new Manjaro-KDE with a sized Swap partition.

 0/ Creating a MANJARO bootable key from updated issue ISO of MJO-KDE.
 1/ from this Key, I created (Gparted) 4 partitions of my SSD (becoming the Disk of the computer).
       System (ext4) /   Swap (swapfile) /   Timeshift (ext4)   / and Data parts (ntfs)

2/ From the Key Install the Manjaro Distro - Kernel 54-85 (stable) into the System partition of SSD (replace the System partition)

At this Step The problem is that Swap partition turned unmounted each launch of the Computer….
So, Following the Wiki swap of NGr - I done (pasted) :wink: as follows :

a/ we need to enable the swap partition with the swapon command.
sudo swapon /dev/sda3 (To be sure that sda3 is good partition, before launch the command “swapon”)

b/ In order to ensure that the swap is enabled at boot we can add an entry to /etc/fstab .
It is best to use the UUID instead of the device name for this purpose. You can add the line to fstab manually or using the command:

sudo bash -c "echo UUID=$(lsblk -no UUID /dev/sda3) none swap defaults 0 0 >> /etc/fstab"

And that run well !..after restart of course.
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