Swap partition question

When I installed Manjaro KDE, I already had Ubuntu with a swap partition created. However, I didn’t set it up correctly to use the same swap parition for both. I was wondering if I could set it to use that partition. It wouldn’t really use it much, as I set swappiness to 10, but I still want it set up if possible. I believe there was some things that Manjaro wouldn’t do with a swap partition that both operating systems use, but if memory serves, I didn’t want to use any of those options anyways.

Thanks for any help provided.

Add the swap partition to your Manjaro installation fstab file using the correct UUID and that is all, after reboot you will have Swap - Manjaro


Hibernation uses the swap partition - you can’t hibernate one system and then use the same swap partition in the other.
If you don’t hibernate it’ll work as @bogdancovaciu said.


This is how it created my swap partition when I installed Ubuntu. I am curious if I use the UUID of the sda4 “extended” partition, or the sda5 “linuxswap” partition.

Hmmm not quite right…

Given that ‘hibernation’ is a rather special use case for me, I didn’t think a swap partition was so necessary. With my last install, I chose ‘no swap, no hibernate’ and had no problems.

Afterwards, I set up ‘swapfile’ and I can - if I so choose - hibernate with none of the drawbacks of needing a separate partition for the job.

With no partition for swap, you could install multiple systems with swapfiles and have no issues.

Of course - but that is not the case that was discussed here. :wink:
We here discussed the sharing of one single swap partition.
Which, with some additional effort, could also be a single swap file.

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