Swap from XFCE to KDE Plasma

Hey Guys,

So i want to swap from XFCE to KDE Plasma. For that i have a empty disk where i want to install KDE Plasma.
My Questions are now:

  • Can i just copy/paste my home directory onto the new installation?
  • How do i export all my installed packages so i can reinstall those onto Plasma
    • optional only those packages(+the requirements) which were used in the last 6 month/this year, is this even possible?
  • How do i implement a dual boot on two different drives? I want to use the old system disk for windows 10

You could just install Plasma and remove all xfce packages without reinstalling Manjaro.

Yep, just run

sudo pacman -S plasma-desktop
sudo pacman -Rcs xfcedesktop    ### if you wanna get rid of xfce

and you’re done


Wasn’t migrating DEs discouraged?

AFAIK, yes it was.

But being discouraged doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

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