Suspicious orphans

Hello forum,

After several updates on new Manjaro Gnome 20.0.1, I have noticed following orphaned packages:

$ pacman -Qtd
gnome-shell-extension-openweather 1.0.r243.g1c9dd03-1
qt5ct 0.41-2

I think those came with vanilla installation, and, currently, pacman says they are not required by any of installed packages.
I am not sure if I should remove them.

Do you have any advice what to do (I can list more verbose package info if needed)?


Read here:

and the responses to that.



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Thanks frpenguin,

As far as I understood, I can safely remove qt5ct and qt5-styleplugins, as they are superseded by qgnomeplatform?

However, I did not figure out quite well what to do with gnome-shell-extension-openweather. I think I don't miss important Gnome packages. Should I restore package status from orphaned to explicitly installed?

Thanks again!

Setup the enviromental variables so that qgnomeplatform can wark properly. Then qt5ct and qt5-styleplugins can be removed. For the shell extension if you want it installed because you are going to use it then then make it explicitly installed. Otherwise remove it.

It seems that /etc/environment has been properly modified, perhaps by update procedure:

 $ cat /etc/environment 

I will handle shell extension as you suggested.
Thanks a lot!

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