Suspicious execution method


I am trying to do a full system upgrade with the following error:

octopi-helper[aborted]: Suspicious execution method

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!

I don't know what that error means, but the recommended way to do a full system update/upgrade is by way of the command line, preferably while logged out of the GUI. That way, no libraries will be in use that are being overwritten by the update/upgrade process.

Considering that you're using Octopi, you must be using KDE Plasma. So, log out of Plasma completely, hit Ctrl+Alt+F2, log in as yourself, and then issue the command...

sudo pacman -Syu

After the update has finished, reboot your system, like so...

sudo systemctl reboot

Thank you very much!
That did it. I got overly too used to Octopi's update procedure, completely ignoring the obvious.

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It looks like octopi is under heavy development right now and might not be completely usable. You can use another AUR helper like pamac or yay if you need one.
Also, please make sure you are checking the appropriate section of the announcements section of the forum. Some updates require additional steps to make sure your system works properly.


Perfect, thank you.
Octopi is something that came with KDE Plasma and it made me lazy.
I will start using pacman/yay going forward.
Thank you for your suggestion!


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