Suspend does not work with Opal locked NVMe SSD

Helo, I have Lenovo Thinkpad L14 with Ryzen5 PRO, new company notebook. I have set encryption on its ssd or to be more specific NVMe via sedutil Encrypting your drive · Drive-Trust-Alliance/sedutil Wiki · GitHub. The problem is, that if I set up in bios S3 sleep on suspend, when the computer wakes from suspend, the disk is lock. So I am using Linux and Windows option in bios suspend menu. That works fine, but the notebook drains power from battery when susspend, like it is dead the second day. I have tried to find a solution on internet, but came with nothing. Pls help. Thx.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :+1:

Suspend is a frozen state in RAM, and thus needs power to stay alive.
If you want your laptop to not drain it’s charge you should “Hybernate” after suspending, to have the frozen state be written to your swap partition before complete poweroff.

You might find help on internet or by other members on the forum how to setup that hybernation properly.

It’s always better to completely power off your device when you won’t be using it for that long…

yea, but I would like to get suspend going, thank you for reply

For suspend (and hibernate also), you need BIOS support like S3…

So lets start over: Which disk is locked?
(Your Operating System’s root disk or some other external disk?)