Suspect activity

Hi all

This morning a sudden strong activity while not my making
The taskmanager showed me a line like “rsync xxxx” very long line, i don’t know what it is, but above all this activity filled my root partition about 10/12 Go passing from 25% occupation to 48% !!

What the hell is that and how to remove this ??

rsync is a tool for copying and/or linking files from one location to another. It is generally used in the background by backup applications.

I suspect that you have Timeshift installed, and that you have configured it to run periodically ─ it doesn’t have to, because you can also set it to be run manually only. Timeshift uses rsync in the background.

However, if it’s copying files to your root filesystem, then that’s completely pointless. You should use it to make backups on a separate drive ─ preferably a removable one ─ or at the very least to a separate partition. Otherwise, what’s the point? If your main drive dies, then you’ll still lose all your data.


Well done Aragorn, that was it!
It’s fixed

Thank you much :grinning:

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