Supress spread on GNOME start-up

I’m trying to make things simple for the person (likely a Windows user) who will need to clean up after me. One thing that seems to confuse people who haven’t used GNOME shell before is that it starts in spread mode. I can see the reasoning for this choice but it really seems to startle naive users. I’ve looked in Settings, Tweaks and the dconf editor but haven’t found any way to start in “normal” mode on the first virtual desktop. Is this even possible?

Gnome-shell-extensions “Dash To Dock” und “Dash To Panel”:

im Reiter “Verhalten” deaktivieren: “Übersicht beim Start nicht anzeigen”
deactivate in the tab “Behavior”: “Do not show overview at startup”

Thanks, That seems to have solved it! Got the terminology right now too:
Übersicht – overview. Good old Anglo-Saxon word that translates directly to and from German instead of a fancy latinate word imposed on us by William the Bastard.

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