Support Nyan-Big Chromebook/Build instructions needed



Sounds like you might be needing a GPU driver. But I don’t know the devices so. :slight_smile:


The thing I’m wondering about is, that I had a working KDE image before…
So I can’t imagine, that some drivers are missing…


There was an issue with some mixed qt5 package versions, but those should be fixed now.


Now means today and yesterday they were unfixed?
or fixed some time ago? :smiley:


I fixed it yesterday or the day before that in the repo.


Okay, so the issues seems to be related to mesa.
I downgraded it to 18.3.2-1 and I’m getting back to the login screen :slight_smile:
I will take a look if there is already a bugreport for that…

But it also seems to be not the only problem, after a short while the desktop goes black, windows opened before stay open, but I’m not sure what is going on there…


Yeah, beats me…