Support for Snapdragon 8cx devices in the future?


Hello forum,

lately, I discovered Qualcomm’s aggressive plan on trying to take over the laptop market with their new 8cx chip. So I was wondering, if Manjaro will be supported for those devices sometime in the future, as soon, as they are on the market?

I also saw a different article, in which the author states, that he thinks, it will be very likely, that ARM based chips will indeed be the future of laptops.

So, might there be support for those devices in the future?


Most of it depends on Arch Linux ARM.
if Arch creates a kernel (and bootloader) for it and someone on Manjaro side maintains the “device”, then it will be supported. But these things need to be accomplished for it.


I don’t think there will be a day-1 support. As you may have read elsewhere, Snapdragon 845 support was added in July this year, while the SoC was announced in December the year before, so expect 8cx will gain support in July next year as well. Qualcomm currently has tight collaboration with Microsoft to bring Windows on ARM to similar or better performance than x86 based Windows, so first party Linux support might be held back.

I do hope it comes soon, though, hopefully along with the first 8cx consumer device which is targeted in Q3 2019. My ROG lasts only about 2 hours, I want a device that can last as long as my smartphone (at least 1 full day), or a little bit less (at least 1 working day) due to more powerful usage as a development machine. If 8cx can really perform as good as a 6th gen i5 U CPU (or 8th gen i5 Y), that would be enough for me.