Support for pressure sensitive tablets in Wayland

Other than the monitor (not) going into standby without crashing the desktop in the process, the one other reason I’ve been constrained to stick to X11 over Wayland was drawing tablets: I remember the KDE Plasma settings informing me that pressure sensitive tablets are not yet supported as input devices, and indeed they would not work in GIMP when using the Wayland session over X11. I remember my Wacom Bamboo tablet would function when drawing, but without pressure sensitivity or pen eraser detection which I rely on for proper usage.

I wanted to know if there’s a time frame for when Wayland is going to support drawing tablets. Have they been implemented to any extent and is there a point in time when we can expect them to work? Thanks.

Tablets already work via libinput in wayland Tablet support — libinput 1.19.2 documentation
For GIMP there is a protocol since 2014, archived here: wl_tablet specification draft and you can map the device and activate it in Input Devices, even if you have done that already in X11 Session, still not very reliable for work.
Also Dmitry from the Krita project has an old discussion here: and now is working, but wayland itself is not yet reliable enough on some systems.

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Thanks! So I should expect it to work in the latest version of Plasma? I’ll wait for the next update and give Wayland another try then, hopefully it will be good news on this too.