Support for more devices?



What about the Sparky SBC, easier to support?
I’m mostly interested in these SBC’s that Volumio supports - for better HiFi audio quality.

Manjaro-ARM 18.07 released!

What ever the board, I would still need to have access to the sources to build the kernel that is specific to these boards. Plus the bootloader too.

The tinkerboard sounds like a good alround board, so I’m trying to compile the kernel for it.


Just saw this Arch/ArchArm based distro called Ubos that runs on this Espressobin SBC. Seems like an SBC optimized for networking fuctions… server, router, etc. Just mentioning it because it’s also Arch based.


This $56 MECOOL KII PRO TV Box has similar specs to the Odroid-C2.
Do you think Manjaro would run on it? What are the gating factors besides CPU?
[edit] also this H96 mini TV Box?.. for only $40 also with Amlogic S905W, 2GB/16GB, AC-wifi.
Or this Alfawise H96 for only $63 has 3GB/32GB but also has a different CPU - Amlogic S912 octa-core

Main Features:
Core: 2.0GHz,Quad Core
CPU: Amlogic S905
GPU: Mali-450
Dual-band AC WiFi
Bluetooth 4.0
HDMI v2.0
System: Android 5.1.1
System Firmware 64bit


Instead of flodding with this kind of request why don’t you check first if the board is already support by Arch Linux ARM; searching in their platforms charts and in their forum

Tv boxes aren’t a target of ArchLinux ARM and are usually not so much Linux friendly, for starting those boxes can boot from microSD or images have to be flashed onboard?
A lot of that kind of products are made and abandoned

The EspressoBIN have low hardware specs and un uneasy u-boot configuration, see

Connect a micro USB cable to the port above the micro SD card slot, and the other end to your computer. On your computer, this will create a serial device (such as /dev/ttyUSB0 on Linux).
Connect to this port with a terminal on Linux, or a program such as Putty on Windows, with a baud rate of 115200bps.
Apply 12V power to the board, and hit any key to stop the auto boot when prompted. You will get a prompt like: Marvell>>

You can find a list of OSes for Raspberry Pi here (I know I need to re-add Manjaro ARM)

For curiosity, do you have or intend to buy DACs or DAC add-on board ?


Correct. We probably won’t support anything that is not supported by Arch Linux ARM to begin with.
But I think the Asus Tinkerboard could be a good candidate. I’ve tried compiling the 4.4 kernel, but it errors out. I think it’s a problem with one of the patches. Which might be why it has not gotten into Arch Linux ARM yet. The github repo I linked to has not been updated in over a year now.


Indeed; it’s a nice board. Have you seen that the pkgbuild use instead of (the other one is the android kernel), however the board is almost not supported by other OSses, especially non-Debian ones

Anyway I’m interested in the upcoming Odroid-N1, it use the Rockchip RK3399 which for ArchLinuxARM is already used by 2 Chromebooks and Hardkernel is an hardware sponsor, so I have good hope for it.


Yeah. I have been waiting for the Odroid-N1 for a while now. Can’t wait to test it!
EDIT: Sounds like it might not happen:frowning:

The kernel does not compile on my Manjaro-ARM at least. :frowning:


Not sure about a separate DAC yet. It might depend on what SBC I decide to use. ie, the Tinkerboard seems it has adequate decoding on-board. But also it seems makes some good (for the price?) audio related boards… SBC, DAC’s, and Amplifiers, such as the Boss DAC and Volt amp and Sparky SBC. I think there’s gotta be a benefit to going with one vendor and knowing it all works together, right? I’m leaning in this direction.
Anyway, this is getting somewhat off topic for this thread.

The Sparky SBC Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 w/3.10 kernel) image is here:
And sources here:
Would be easy or not to build Arch/Manjaro for it?


[quote=“Lolix, post:14, topic:52558”]
Anyway I’m interested in the upcoming Odroid-N1, it use the Rockchip RK3399 which for ArchLinuxARM is already used by 2 Chromebooks and Hardkernel is an hardware sponsor
[/quote] The Odroid-N1 has been cancelled…


Not the best news, more waiting…


A split can be made if deemed necessary

They’re good, there are similar a bit cheaper or same price DAC with good support (Hifiberry,Iqaudio,Justboom) and both more pricey and chinese clones

I would never buy the Sparky SBC, poor support and limited Audio dedicated distributions

Ubuntu 12.04 is dead

Not if vendors software is dead, Raspberry Pi have good support

also note some vendors are sh*ts, you can see that there are several boards that have “a raspberrypi-compatible pinout” while this is physically true, compatibility is not always guaranteded and usually lacks kernel drivers for the boards; especially at product launch (including and not limited to the Tinkerboard)


If desired, almost all models of TV boxes Amlogic S9xxx s8xx can be run. :slight_smile:


What about the Rockchip boxes? just curious. The relatively powerful RK3399 Hexa Core 2.0Ghz looks interesting. Although the price is getting close enough that you arguably should go for an Intel quad-core Celeron box (eg. N3450)


I think it’s possible. I don’t have any equipment with RK chips yet, but I hope with the release of Khadas Edge model I will have an opportunity to develop different variants of Linux for Rockchip platform.

Trojan Intel’s product is not interesting to me, even for free. :slight_smile:


Interesting board but they only support Ubuntu based images atm. Really too many boards and boxes out there now. But maybe it’s enabling IoT experimenting and possible cool tech in the future.

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