Support Asus ROG Laptops

Hi everyone,

I have been using Manjaro about 3 years on my TUF Asus laptop and recently I got a ROG G14, I was searching a project to support all feature on this laptops and I find but I don’t find it in the official package repository, are you planning to incorporate this package?.

Thanks for your work.

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Most likely there is already a package in the AUR.

E.g. AUR (en) - asusctl


Also there is AUR (en) - supergfxctl

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Hello, thanks for your answer, yes I know there is an AUR package, but I wanted to know if you plan to incorporate it in the main repository for greater stability and to avoid conflicts when updates are made.

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it’s the job of asus to provide support ! if they don’t take it as it is or buy hardware that does the job !
needless to say that companies like asus,acer ff. dont’t care for linux so why should a linux distro do the job for them ?

Also see: ASUS Linux - ArchWiki

Taking that argument, then the linux kernel would not exist, there would be no support for any device and there would be no linux distributions created by the community, I don’t think it is about going to extremes.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if it was possible to support the asuctl package because there are users like me who enjoy Manjaro, use it for work and the stability it offers.

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it is the kind of question you should take “no” as a answer and consider lucky if it ever materializes. asus rog is all but one brand of the laptop that require custom software to handle its custom hardware, of which there are many. supporting all of them is not going to happen realistically.

A bit of a harsh response IMO, but, nevertheless mostly true…