Supply chain attacks


A couple of days ago this article surfaced on wired.

It describes that hackers has been able to infiltrate systems to roll out malware targeting end user systems.


Unfortunately, it's just not software to be worried about.


This is a disturbing reading and it causes a feeling of powerlessness. On the other hand one might lower possible risks with some simple methods: regular new installations, firewall, different systems in change (yes, for example chromebooks, distro hopping, online banking with separate confirmation methods like TAN and so on).

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Omm ya. But no. Chain hackers are known for attacking Google and other major tech companies. And the last time I checked, you can't remove ChromeOS with out bricking computer. I'm sure this have changed now, I hope.


sadly, Chromebooks come with some nasty security features, like a physical boot lock which is also hidden, next gen might have a cryptochip installed, just like apple's enclave.
so no, it will not change for the better

and these supply chain attack (and back-doors) have been going on for many more years then you'd think

also i would not trust that so called antivirus company...


Another good reason to move more software cloudward and only put on devices what is really necessary.



I'm ok with that existing - but not being the norm. At least not for everything, and not for me.