SUNFLOWER - Filemanager (i3 and others) Packer: Oberon

I use Manjaro i3. Since Ranger as default fm doesnt show pix(Previews), i was looking for a new file manager for i3. Then i found one. " Sunflower" FM. I think its nearly perfect for i3! Give Sunflower a try. Its awesome.

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Doesn’t Manjaro i3 have PCManFM as default file manager under X?

I am also using the sunflower manager. It is amazing! So many keyboard shortcuts one can cutomise and it’s just a pleasure to use. Especially if you work on remote Linux machines etc.
The developer told me he’s busy porting it to GTK3 :smiley:

Yes, it’s certainly better than pcmanfm, so maybe it should go with i3 instead. I just mentioned pcmanfm because the OP only mentioned Ranger and the inability to preview files (@subjunkie take a look here). I’m using Krusader, but I have considered Sunflower in the past. Maybe I’ll have another look at Sunflower.

But isn’t sunflower super resource hungry? Or has that changed? The last time I tried it it spawned an extra 300mb python process.

It’s currently using 67mb.
If you want lightweight you should try tuxcmnd :slight_smile:

Tried it again now. For me it is about 90mb, but hey, that’s much better than I remembered. Not my personal favorite, but a respectable choice and I can see why people migh like it.

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Nice. Yeah, I won’t suggest it to people if they’re looking for a lightweight file manager, but its got a nice GUI and I have 8GB of RAM, so I guess I can spoil myself every now and then with a sunflower.haha

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It uses around 100mb in my system (about half than krusader).

Oh sorry 4 my late reply. Thank you very much for the tip, but i use now urxvt in Ranger 2 look pix. And i`m back to ranger. Sunflower is very nice and a excellent alternative, but i like it “oldschool”. :slight_smile:

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@oberon Sunflower ist sehr schön (is very nice).

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