Suggestions to improve Manjaro Deepin



In this post i would like to address some of my issues with Manjaro Deepin edition . Feel free to correct me if this was already implemented

1 Remove uninstall option from Deepin menu. As far as I am aware uninstalling from the menu doesn’t work because of Deepin store. This store is exclusive to Deepin OS. So uninstall option is useless on Manjaro.

2 If possible integrate Manjaro settings in control center like it was already integrated on other community editions

3 When you press power button in deepin os , this menu appears( refered as dde-shutdown). However in Manjaro Deepin system just powers off instantly. There is no option to change that behavior.

  1. control center > keyboard and Language > Keyboard Layout > Add Keyboard Layout

no work at all for any language

apart that Deepin is N1.

oh indicator of weather is that would be the icing on the cake to conclude :heart_eyes:

  1. I believe this works now as just removing .desktop for programs, but leaving program itself is active…Sometimes rarely it can even be useful, but in general i guess it could be removed

  2. Would be nice, but i doubt it will be implemented in near future, since Deepin settings are very different from other ones + there’s too many bugs and development on Deepin side now is very active

  3. Yep, i confirm it, but it’s default Manjaro reaction as far as i know, maybe could be tweaked with dconf, i’ve found power-button-pressed-exec=‘dde-shutdown’ there

Actually it did, before yesterday update:


Tnx for feedback