Suggestions for tweaks and changes to optimize Linux?


What are some underlying defaults that you alter to get the most out of your Linux system?

One thing I've done to improve my sound playback was to use the following guide to tweak my Pulse config:

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Something else I find useful is the paccache.timer script. The Pacman package cache folder will grow indefinitely in size on your root drive so it is necessary to periodically clean it to remove older or uninstalled package cache files. The paccache.timer script will do this automatically on a weekly basis by deleting all cached versions of installed and uninstalled packages, except for the most recent 3, by default. To clean the cache manually use command: # paccache -r and to set up automatic weekly maintenance use the following commands:

systemctl start paccache.timer
systemctl enable paccache.timer
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Why are we posting links to pages on the Arch wiki?

Isn't that just reimplementing the Arch wiki, but worse?


Eh. It was more meant as a 'to start with look at the one or two verified pages that exist'.

But isnt the idea of 'not reimplementing' one in which it is not repeated but is referenced?


not all of that Pulseaudio guide linked from OP is good, some users may have worse audio problems using the recommended settings

do not see any point of adding settings for the daemon when daemonize=no disables it

there is more accurate and detailed information in man pulse-daemon.conf

Author is correct that ALSA PCM 'hw' does not do any format conversion, but suggested edit to asound.conf is to create a 'plughw' PCM for automatic format conversion

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Once a month I run what is known as "System Maintenance"
Been using it for years now and it has been updated over time.

System Maintenance

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